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Hi Guys for those that don't know me ill get some rumors out of the way.
I am 46 years ex Computer engineer Computer tech and Computer teacher i stopped working after a injury where my neck was broken and subsequently i have had over 30 operations and 2 more scheduled this month alone.
I started playing warframe over 2 years 3 months ago and one of the first people i meet in game and formed a bond with was GSInforce and we have been friends ever since and think he is a laid back great founder with time for any player or there concerns he just wants to make a great like minded Clan with players that have fun and get along.

I used be in a clan with force and then went on to make my own clan because i liked making  the dojo and wanted to build up my character but along the way Force kept asking me to rejoin his clan and with passive persistence i eventually accept his offer an i have enjoyed the clan so much so i decided to make this forum and host event prizes to show my support for the Clan

Its goes with out saying that rehabilitation and my ongoing therapy i have been going through is very trying, tiring and a fight most days.
And its because of games like Warframe and others that i have keep my mind and body still functioning to a certain Degree.
So i used to be a bit of a perfectionist but when your body no longer does what its told well, perfection takes a back seat and i have to learn that i make mistakes and are a flawed human being.
But in saying all that i am willing to always give things a go and another try because Failure and Defeat are not a options lol. So when it comes to me making mistakes its not something i can fix so pointing out my spelling mistakes will get on my nerves a bit so be gentle with me i cant help it sometimes my fingers just dont work.
That goes for others in out clan that have physical and mental disabilities go easy some of us we cant help it ok

So BEAR with me while i slowly relearn my old craft of building websites i have first decided not to use html java etc straight of the bat because if i even get 1 : out of place a website dosent work and with my spelling errors it will be a big headache.
So i have chosen on purpose to use this free forum because it has templates and work on a turnkey but if and when the site starts to serve a function for the Corrupted war clan i have the option of making the forum a website with a domain name and everything every other site has out there but i will keep modifying and adding to this template until such time and my skills are back up to speed i hope you understand.

But if there is something missing or something your really think we need on the site please suggest it in a post so others can add to it is a forum for you guys and my artist interpretations and designs are just something to get us started.

Ok enough about me if you have any question or would like to talk a bit about yourself perhaps not as long as my rants by all means please do.

Cheers Corrupted Force
Your Ever loving Omnipresent Being WarHeroman
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